Cylinder Honing

Here at Performance Unlimited Engineering, we have spent many years building our reputation for unrivalled accuracy and reliability with Cylinder bore Oversizing and machining.

All bores are checked for suitable surface finish prior to the all important final finishing process. This ensures, the customer receives bores that will run in quickly, without adverse wear, smoke or blowby. For this we use Mitutoyo Surface Profilometer, a part of the process which is often overlooked due to the expense involved in buying such crucial equipment.

We have a selection of torque plates to cover most American applications, and many more to cover Japanese and European engines.

We can finish bore incredibly accurately on our CNC controlled Sunnen CK-21 Cylinder hone. We have a variety of abrasives at our disposal, and we are not averse to working on new, or out of the norm cylinder bore materials. Although, this is looked at on a case by case basis.

Please get in touch if you would like any further information on our cylinder finishing services, or to book your project in for that all important rebore!