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Performance Unlimited Engineering is an official UK distributor for Dan Olson Racing Products. 

Oil pans are far more than just a place to store fluid for an engine’s oil system. It is oil that keeps an engine alive under the harsh conditions of professional racing. The oil stops the destructive metal-to-metal contact and the major portion of cooling an engine! Controlling the oil is what makes horsepower and drops oil temperature! A properly baffled pan is also important for keeping oil pressure constant at all RPMs.

baffled tray       Dan Olson Racing Products - Performance Unlimited            pan design

The design of the oil pan assures an engine always has proper amount of oil it needs during the violent conditions on a racetrack. Without proper placement of oil pickups and baffles in a pan oil starvation will occur and blow the engine. Each form of racing has special requirements, which is why Dan Olson Racing Products builds specifically designed oil pans for drag racing, road racing, offshore racing, and oval track competition. These quality oil pans come complete with scrapers, trap doors, windage tray, and oil pickups as required for each application.

oil pan diagram             Dan Olson Racing Products - Performance Unlimited


We keep pans in stock for F1 stock car applications, but please get in touch with any Dan Olson requirements, we will be happy to help!