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Performance Unlimited Engineering are an official UK distributor for Peterson Fluid Systems.  Peterson is the choice of champions for wet and dry sump oiling systems. Performance Unlimited offer a complete system from class leading oil pumps to championship winning oil tanks, oil & fuel filters, and accessory drives. Peterson products have been proven in NASCAR, NHRA, IHRA, Australian Super Car Series, IRL, WOO, USAC, and many other types of racing world wide. They are constantly refining and evolving product based of real world racing experiences. Custom setups are also on offer.


Dry Sump Oil Pumps

Our Dry Sump Pumps are built around our Patent Pending 4 lobe rotor which  provides excellent oil pressure and flow in excess of 30 GPM on the high volume pump for the highest need motors. The 4 lobe rotor also provides excellent vacuum to free up horsepower in the engine.  The R4 dry sump pumps are available with from 3 to 6 stages.  The R4 is also available for wet sump and Wet/Vac pumps for wet sump applications.

 3 stage R4 Standard Dry Sump Pump

This is the base pump in the R4 line but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t perform amazingly. It fits most applications with it’s 1.2″ wide scavenge         and pressure rotor. A 1.4″ thick pressure rotor is available for engines that require higher oil flow such as aluminium blocks that are also running aluminium rods or iron block motors that are running multiple oiling accessories such as valve train sprayers and wrist pin oilers. Comes with an integrated mount that can be attached to any of our block mount plates. We can also machine custom plates or make your own for custom applications.



Peterson Fluid Systems - Spline Drive - Performance Unlimited

Peterson Fluid Systems accessory drives feature Billet aluminum or steel construction, CNC machining for accuracy and the latest technology. We offer both standard 1″ mandrel drive kits as well as our exclusive Spline Drive systems which are easy to use, strong and lightweight. We can also create custom hubs and drive kits for any application. Call us today to see how we can help you with your drive needs.


Dry sump tanks

3galtankPeterson Fluid Systems oil tanks are hand welded for high quality fitment. They feature aluminum construction for lightweight and are availble in standard of custom configurations. The preferred tanks of teams such as Robert Yates Racing, Dale Earnhardt Inc, and Roush Racing.




The manufacturer oil filter, fuel filters and components are machined of only the highest grade materials and
tested before being sent out. They are used extensively in NASCAR, WOO, NHRA, Busch Grand National, and in all forms of racing.Peterson Fuel Systems - Fuel filter - Performance Unlimited


Custom applications catered for, please contact us with your requirements.