Total Seal Piston Rings

Total Seal Piston Rings

Click to visit Total Seal website. Total Seal’s patented Gapless ® Piston rings provide increased performance through unmatched sealing of the cylinder and combustion gasses in the combustion chamber. Increased horsepower and torque along with longer engine life are just a couple of the reasons why these piston rings are the best  available. Here are many more. Contact us to place your order.

  • Increased horsepower and torqueTotal Seal - Performance Unlimited
  • Longer engine life
  • Saves money (fewer teardowns)
  • Improved consistency
  • Cleaner engine oil
  • Longer ring life
  • Better Oil control
  • Less friction
  • Lower engine oil temperatures
  • Wider torque curve
  • More engine vacuum
  • Increased intake signal

How They Work


total seal ring installation

As shown in the illustration, compression gas is deflected by the rail into the piston groove and aid in pressure loading the ring throughout the 4 stroke cycle. Simultaneously the rail also and most importantly closes off the combustion gas leak path created by the ring end gap. This gap is the primary cause of blow-by in a 4 cycle engine. With a conventional type ring as the ring and cylinder wear the ring end gap increases and the blow-by figures increase. The Gapless® ring blow-by figures are not affected by this wear, as the ring end gap increases it is blocked by the rail portion of Total Seals patented interlocking 2 piece design stopping the blow-by at the source. Conventional style rings when newly installed will show leak down figures of 7% or higher these figures can quickly exceed 20% or higher after a surprisingly short period of time. Gapless® rings on the other hand when newly installed typically show leak down figures of 2% and lower and should remain the same throughout the life of the engine.

Lets examine the strokes in a four stroke engine and the importance that cylinder sealing means to each…

INTAKE – On any naturally aspirated engine, the better the rings are sealed inside the cylinder and against the piston, the more intake charge (air and fuel) will fill the combustion chamber. Ring seal is the only thing in a normally INTAKE aspirated engine that draws air / fuel into the cylinder.COMPRESSION – The better the engine is sealed on the compression stroke, the higher the percentage of intake charge that previously filled the cylinder will be utilized. Ring seal is the only thing preventing the charge from leaking past the piston and into the crankcase.
POWER – During this explosive event, the more explosion the rings keep above the piston, the higher the force will be COMPRESSED. exerted downward on the piston, resulting in more torque and horsepower.EXHAUST – The more efficiently the cylinder disposes of exhaust, the more that event in overlap, will help prime the intake stroke for cylinder filling.

HOW FAST DO YOU WANT TO GO? Total Seal® has worked hard trying to address each of the circumstances above. We have developed a number of separate ring lines from Gapless® to Diamond Finish™, all intended to improve the sealing of whatever engine you may have. Performance Unlimited Engineering are official distributors of the full line of Total Seal products. Please contact us for assistance is selecting the correct product or to place an order.