Custom Rods

Performance Unlimited Engineering has been an official distributor for Carrillo for decades. Carrillo Industries is recognised as one of the finest manufacture of connecting rods for high performance engines in the world.  The connecting rod is a precision, high strength, quality piece.  More than sixty years of experience enables Carrillo to design and manufacture a connecting rod that reflects the optimum balance between lightweight and durability.


Their state of the art manufacturing facility in California is a symbol of this continued commitment to their customers.  We have invested- and continue to invest- in development of materials, state-of-the-art machines, cutting edge designs and improved technologies.  In addition, considerable resources have been added to reduce lead times, improve quality control and expand their engineering department to further enforce their pledge to provide the industry’s best designed connecting rod and customer support.


Before leaving the facility, each rod is subjected to a variety of quality checks, to ensure dimensions meet their stringent tolerance requirements. They employ a variety of equipment, including a CMM, Air and Height- Gages, a 2D measuring system to name just a few.

The initial quality assurance starts with selection of steels, followed by a strict forging and heat treating process. As a rod moves through their manufacturing process, quality assurance follows every step of the process; testing dimensional integrity and quality, providing a paper trail of certification throughout the entire manufacturing and shipping process. Every Carillo connecting rod leaves their facility with a specification card. This spec card displays a part number, critical dimensions, weights and job number, all for ease of identification and tracking.  They not only build high performance connecting rods, they provide service, knowledge and support.

Their high-tech design, engineering and manufacturing operation is backed by a world-class service department. Their full staff of dedicated technicians, engineers and customer service is prepared to help with all of your design, application and service needs.


Carrillo ship to us virtually every week.  Whether is a Carrillo catalogue listed part number or a custom design please feel free to contact us