Autosport show NEC 2015

Auto Sport NEC 2015

It’s that time of year again! Christmas…? NO, Auto Sport show!

We are once again hosting the Total Seal booth for the 9th year at the 2015 Auto Sport show at the NEC Birmingham.  Total Seals top tech guy Kevin Studaker will once again be make the trip over from the USA for the show.

Call in and see us at booth E772 in the engineering section 8th and 9th January 2015

total seal

Canton racing parts

Canton :: New Oil Pans

Canton has invested time and engineering into a few oil pans in recent times. The pans have been developed to optimise the improvement that Dart made over the original LS motor. Dart developments involved unskirting the block to free up horsepower compromised  by oil windage.  Canton maximised this by integrating a POWER POUCH into each. During Dart’s development there was a unique pan rail, when the short had been removed from the LS motor. The Canton pans have a CNC billet end caps to ensure a secure fit on the hard to fit rail. Canton have released several pans for this motor. Dry sump pans will be released in early 2015. Canton also have a drag pan, a front sump and a rear sump race pan.

Canton racing products



Manley Performance Products

Manley Launch Platinum Series Pistons

Manley Performance Products launch new Platinum Series Pistons.

Premium steel top ring sets and round wire locks included. To order or for more information call or email us.


Manley platinum series pistons

Manley Performance Products

Manley Launch New FA20 Connecting Rods


Manley Performance Products have launched an exciting new product – full details below.


FA20 Connecting Rods


How to Identify your JE Pistons Part Numbers

If you are trying to identify your JE Pistons then this is for you! Sean Crawford show you how in the video below.

AT the bottom of the piston is a PN number. That is the part number starting with PN and then 6 digits follow.

Then go to the JE pistons site and enter the part number in the top right as per the image below. (click the image to visit the JE Pistons website)

There is a another number, which is used within the company. This is the forging number and you usually do not need that.


JE pistons - where to enter part number









We also sell other makes of piston and piston rings.

JE Pistons

JE Pistons New Product

JE Pistons – Ford Ecoboost V6 3.5 litres Overview


Nick Diblasi, JE Pistons Product Manager, introduces the new product which is an off-the-shelf  piston kit.

The new product is packed with features such as a reduced pin length for light-weight and an offset pin to reduce noise. It also has the standard OEM style direct injection pocket.

Find out more by watching the video below.

JE Pistons

Piston Terminology

Here is the low down on PISTONS! Thanks to JE Pistons for this helpful diagram which we thought we would share.

Piston glossary

JE Piston - small block chevy

Small Block Chevy

JE Pistons for small block chevy – remember we are the UK’s Number ONE distributor of JE Pistons from 2007 t0 2014!

JE Pistons






23º 350 & 400 F.S.R. HOLLOW DOME GP (GAS PORTED) New FSR version of our popular 23º domed pistons are ideal for circle track and drag racing. Up to 70 grams lighter than traditional full round (including wrist pin and rings), but stronger and more durable due to modern FEA-designed forging. Deeper valve pockets to accommodate higher lift cams and milled cylinder heads. Accepts low friction .043/.043/3.0mm ring package. 

Accumulator Groove
Contact Reduction Grooves
Double Pin Oilers
Lateral gas ports
Pin #927-2250-15-51C (106g)
Wire Locks #927-073-MW 


Click for a full part list - plus JE specification and technical installation information, plus valve relief diagrams

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