Scat Crankshafts – 4340 billet Subaru Crankshaft Video

Excellent viewing! Enjoy….

Time lapse video of EJ25 engine build using a SCAT 4340 billet Subaru crankshaft and 4340 forged H-Beam rods

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Dart Heads – SHP Small Block Chevy Cylinder Heads

SHP Small Block Chevy Cylinder Heads from Dart Heads offer weight savings benefits of an aluminum head and a low cost option for a street performance engine.

  • Made using A356-T6 aluminum
  • Compatible with most off the shelf parts - ring us if you need to check this
  • Bolt on compatibility: Standard valve angle and spacing
  • Multi-angle intake seats and radiused exhaust seats substantially increase air/fuel flow
  • Unleaded petrol compatible
  • Machined for 1.250 or 1.437 diameter valve springs.
  • Straight spark plug configuration

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SHP Small Block Chevy Cylinder Heads

Dart Heads Sales Team

JE PIstons

Asymmetrical Forged Pistons by JE Pistons

JE Pistons have launched  the industry’s first off-the-shelf asymmetrical forged pistons!


See the video in which the product design is explained.



Canton new parts

New LS Accessories from Canton

Canton say that due to the popularity of the LS motor they have started to design some fantastic LS accessories.  

This includes  a new windage tray (20-902) that works with our #15-276 Front Sump LS pan.  Also newly designed are some great billet aluminum water necks (80-032, 80-052, 80-022) and an aluminum flywheel cover for the T-56 F body bell housing (21-870) to compliment their range. 

Canton new parts






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